Our rugs and runners, Page 3

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A very uniquely colored and rich Antique Kazak Rug with singular star designs
5 images » 4'4" x 7'9" » last quarter 19th century

A spectacular Antique Kazak Rug
4 images » 4'4" x 7'3" » circa 1880

An Antique Caucasian Gendje showing off a superb center with colorful rows and shifting figures
3 images » 3'4" x 6'9"

Antique Kazak Karatchof characterized by a sharp and symmetrical design
4 images » 4' x 7'3" » last quarter 19th century

A kaleidoscopic Antique Kazak Rug with a very complex and stunning center
4 images » 3'5" x 8'3" » late 19th century

An Antique Faraghan Sarouk with a sumptuous and elegant design
3 images » 3'5" x 4'8" » circa 1880

Antique Faraghan Sarouk with a muted color scheme
3 images » 3'5" x 4'8" » circa 1880

A wonderfully complex Antique Faraghan Sarouk
3 images » 4' x 6'3" » circa 1880

A very rare Northwest Persian Bakshaish with desert color palette and myriad small figures
5 images » 2'9" x 8'1" » last quarter 19th century