Our full size carpets, Page 6

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A fantastic Contemporary Armenian Carpet with sweet caramel and golden tones
6 images » 8' x 10'

This Antique Northwest Persian Heriz features spectacular geometry and precise symmetry
4 images » 7'11" x 10'1" » circa 1920

An evocative Antique Oushak-Kilim dotted with colorful figures
7 images » 6'4" x 13' » early 20th century

This Turkish Kilim features a calm and conservative combination of colors of geometry
3 images » 7' x 9'3"

A remarkable Turkish Serapi
4 images » 8' x 10'

Khotan showing off a marvelous color scheme and meditative quality
6 images » 6' x 9'2"

A singular Armenian Seichour with a lively central design
5 images » 6' x 9'

This vivacious Antique Northwest Persian Heriz features especially stunning geometric patterns
5 images » 7'7" x 10'5" » circa 1920

An Antique Persian Sarouk accentuated by stirring and elaborate colors
7 images » 9' x 8'10" » first quarter 20th century