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An extremely complex and sophisticated Antique Persian Mahal with interwoven floral patterns and an array of colors
7 images » 9'3" x 12' » circa 1920

A superb Antique Northwest Persian Heriz with a three-dimensional effect
5 images » 8'5" x 12'2" » circa 1920

Great example of an early 20th century Antique Northwest Persian Heriz
6 images » 12'1" x 8'3" » circa 1930

An Antique Persian Bidjar woven with exquisite details and an especially sophisticated center
7 images » 9'3" x 13'2" » circa 1920

An exquisite all-over Antique Persian Lilihan
5 images » 8'4" x 10'8" » first quarter 20th century

A Contemporary Armenian Sultanabad spotted with burning flower designs and beautiful sun-bursts
4 images » 8'1" x 10' »

This Antique Northwest Persian Heriz features luxurious colors and extremely fine details, especially around the border and in the many nested patterns
6 images » 11'3" x 9'6" » early 20th century

A particularly lovely and redolent Contemporary Turkish Carpet
7 images » 8' x 10' »

A fine and very unique Antique Northwest Persian Heriz
4 images » 7'1" x 10'8" » early 20th century